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October 2017 - Foundations of success

General Manager OEM Europe & CIS Tomaž Lanišek and Commercial Director Darko Bevk Region mark the start of work on our new Knauf Insulation Experience Center.

Experience center construction
experience center SL
Progress of construction - December 2017

The prefabricated reinforced structures and cast concrete walls of our Experience Center are finalised.

Progress - January 2018

Work nears completion on the roof of our Knauf Experience Center providing the perfect location to enjoy the dramatic landscape.

Experience center SL
Knauf Insulation experience center Slovenia
Knauf Insulation Experience Center Slovenia

An artist’s impression reveals the shape of things to come when our Knauf Experience Center is completed at the end of 2018.

Progress - January 2018

Brick masonry walls are installed on the main external structure of our Experience Center.

experience center SL
Knauf Insulation Experience Center February
Progress - February 2018

Water vapour barriers, Mineral Wool and water-proofing are all installed to ensure the roof performs to the highest sustainability standards.

Progress - March 2018

Work gets underway on electrical and mechanical installation in the heart of our Knauf Insulation Experience Center.

Knauf Insulation Experience Center March
April 2018 KIEXC
Spring time
Progress - April 2018
Progress - May 2018

Group visit as part of the European Commission Level(s) workshop organised in Brdo and presenting the center as a pilot project.

visit Slovenia training center
Urbanscape green roofs Slovenia training center
Summer time
Progress - July 2018

Successful installation of Urbanscape® Solutions Green Roofs.

On top of the building
Progress – October 2018

Finalization of the roof area.

On top of the building
Green Area
Green area
Progress – October 2018

The surroundings of the experience center are decorated with a new planting.

Sustainable Building
Progress – October 2018

The Experience Center contributes to the increased awareness of sustainable construction in Slovenia and Europe, as it builds on the criteria for the life cycle assessment of buildings. The experience we have gained through construction actively contributes to the efforts of the profession, aspiring to build environmentally and people-friendly buildings. It is also a guarantee that we will continue to develop quality products and solutions.

Sustainable building
Innovation world
Innovation World
Progress – October 2018

Finishing our Experience Center with digital technique of Virtual Reality and LCD screens to provide, just for you, a number of digital an virtual experiences with sustainable construction.